DISPLAYING RESULTS 1 to 11 out of 11
DISPLAYING RESULTS 1 to 11 out of 11

efugee Republic, the interactive map of daily life in a refugee camp | Jan Rothuizen | TEDxKMA

Refugee Republic (Jumpstarting a new existence in an emerging city. Everyday life in a refugee camp)

Thailand: Introduction to Collective Centre Coordination and management (IOM)

Safe shelter (IOM)

CCCM in Malakal, South Sudan - "The Camp" (DRC)

Management of Collective Centers (IOM)

Haiti Camp Management Camp Coordination (Haiti E-Shelter & CCCM Cluster)

Camp Coordination Cluster (IOM)

Shelter, Camp Coordination and Camp Management in Rakhine State, Myanmar (Myanmar CCCM Cluster)

Camp Management Making a Difference (DRC)

Basic Standards for Camp Lay-Out (IOM)