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Tool: Tools are concise and handy documents used in facilitating camp management practice. They are typical, but not exhaustive, examples of checklists, terms of reference, matrices, assessment forms, briefing notes and fact sheets. They have been collected from field colleagues and sourced around the world. Some have been developed by staff looking for a context- specific answer to a particular need. As models and blue-prints, they can provide practical support to camp management projects and field staff internationally. While some of the tools have been developed for a single context or camp only, others are more generic and/or internationally recognised.
Reference: References are sources of information permitting the reader to perfect his/her knowledge related to camp management issues. Typically references are handbooks, guidelines, manuals, booklets and policy papers. All camp management staff should consistently seek further information and input from other sources. They should always strive for professional development and learn from examples of best practice. For this reason, the most relevant references are listed at the end of each chapter.

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